You can find some of this on my "about" page, but the story goes like this: I was a little girl with a pinhole camera and I could take good pictures. Photography has always been a hobby and something I have loved to do, but I never thought about making it into a career. First of all, professional camera equipment was always incredibly complicated to my mind, not to mention expensive. But then a few years ago, I received a Nikon D90 as a gift and I've never looked back...

Shortly after getting my fancy new camera, some friends of ours were getting married and my husband & I were invited as guests. The bride told us that they were not hiring a professional photographer in an attempt to keep their wedding budget down. Instead, they were just asking friends & family to bring their own cameras to the wedding and to share the photos with them. I volunteered to bring my fancy new camera and be the "official" photographer. Everyone at the wedding treated me with such deference and respect. I worked my toosh off, but I had a ball. And the pictures from that day made me so proud. 


It's been a couple of years since that wedding, and lots of things in my life have shifted since then to make photography my main business. I had a job, then I had a baby. I quit said job to stay home to take care of said baby, and now I can concentrate on taking lovely pictures of people for a living.