Ally is the co-founder of weespring, an author, and a mom. She is, in short, my hero. She was in NYC a few months back meeting with her publishers about her book that is coming out soon and I was honored to take some author photos for her while she was in town. The book, HERE'S THE PLAN: Your Practical, Tactical Guide to Advancing Your Career During Pregnancy and Parenthood comes out April 26 and is available for pre-order now on Amazon! Can't wait to get my copy!


Ben is a friend, and he also happens to be a prolific New York actor. He's been in everything from Broadway to television and film, so I was very excited when he came to me to take new headshots. I wanted to give him a variety of looks, so we spent most of the time in my "studio," but eventually we went outside and totally nailed the perfect shot for him on a fire escape. It's an awesome shot that he can hopefully use for everything. #thoseeyes

road trip!

I took my own little family out of town for part of Memorial Day weekend to get a little break from the city and visit some dear friends. We decided to squeeze in a little photo shoot for the whole family while visiting our friends in D.C.

We got some beautiful photos of the kids, and then the rest of the family (including the puppy). We also broke off with the adults and took some professional headshots for both mom, a teacher, and dad, a lawyer. It was a beautiful, event-filled day with wonderful friends.