This young man came to me to get his first set of headshots. It didn't take long for this young pro to get totally locked in and get some great shots. I see a bright future ahead for this one.


Adaora came to me because she wanted to refresh her look. She's a known television personality, so she knew her way around a camera. We had a dynamic, in-studio mini session and got her some gorgeous, strong new photos to match her beautiful, powerful presence.


To say I was excited when Kelly said she wanted me to do her headshots would be a gross understatement. I was thrilled because...well, just look...

Beauty, intensity, vulnerability, and charm all in one session. Her session was as versatile as she is: a singer, actress, hairstylist, makeup artist, and mom. I love this woman (who also happens to be a dear friend since college), and I love her photos.