I was contracted last Fall to do headshots for Benny Lewis, author of Language Hacking, a Conversation Course for Beginners to be released in 2016. I love working with authors. It's so fun to come up with just the right look and image that captures their essence. Imagine how thrilled I was to learn that the shots would actually appear on the cover of not just one of his books, but a series of his books! I had a blast working with Benny and his publishers. And I recently got a glimpse of the book covers at the London Book Fair. I can't wait to see the books when they come out this year!


Ally is the co-founder of weespring, an author, and a mom. She is, in short, my hero. She was in NYC a few months back meeting with her publishers about her book that is coming out soon and I was honored to take some author photos for her while she was in town. The book, HERE'S THE PLAN: Your Practical, Tactical Guide to Advancing Your Career During Pregnancy and Parenthood comes out April 26 and is available for pre-order now on Amazon! Can't wait to get my copy!


I am going to admit that I was nervous about Amanda's headshot session. She is such a stunning and formidable woman, and I wanted so much for her photos to do her justice.

I set up my mobile studio in Amanda's Brooklyn home (her adorable daughters played mini-supermodels to help me set my lights) while the fabulous Brian Dean perfected her makeup (I mean, how gorgeous does she look?). Amanda was a rock star. We had a blast shooting, and we even got to take some time to embrace the splendor of blossoming cherry trees right outside her door. I'm so grateful for this day and for Amanda allowing me capture to her beauty and spirit in these photos.