Laura's beach birthday

It's summer! Bring on the beach photos! I got lucky last summer when a friend of a friend reached out to me about a last-minute event in the Hamptons. I managed to get myself out there to find it was one of the most incredible parties I've seen. A fully-catered, private barbecue on Southhampton Beach complete with a table for 40, a mechanical bull, a fire pit, and a 10-piece band. We hit the golden hour for some spectacular photos of the birthday girl and her beautiful family, then partied on into the night!

This incredible event was planned and arranged by Piece of Cake Parties.

Irma's 40th birthday

Speaking of birthday parties...

This lady has become a friend of mine, so I was honored when she asked if I would photograph her 40th birthday party at NY Vintners in Tribeca, NYC. It was such an awesome party filled with fun, beautiful people, delicious food, and WINE. So much delicious wine. 

Riley & Georgie's birthday

Birthday parties! Yes (some have wondered), I photograph those, too! I suppose you could file this under "events", but this is a family that I had the pleasure of meeting during my Fall mini sessions. Both of the children have birthdays in the same month, so while they were stuck with a dual birthday party they did have quite a bash - complete with magician's bunny! I loved seeing them again and getting to meet the rest of the family.